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About us

Poetizer is a technological start-up aiming to innovate the publishing industry globally by offering writers an all-in-one writing, networking, and publishing digital platform. 


Welcome to Poetizer: Where poetry gets social.


Poetizer is a social media platform entirely dedicated to poetry. We are a safe-space for writers, readers, and lovers of the written word. We’ve come to mean many different things to many different people, but certain values transcend our reputation. 


Poetizer is a safe space, a platform where you can share your words with a supportive and open-minded community.


Poetizer is a place to empower writers, a means to give voices to the voiceless.


Poetizer is a community, a multi-faceted family who has come together over a deep and passionate love for the written word.


Poetizer is your blanket, your microphone, and your loved-ones, wrapped into one.


Take the next step in your writing journey. Breathe life into your words.


Join Poetizer. Poetize your world.

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